March 30, 2011

free free free

Do I have your attention??

Check out these super cute Easter printables from Party Box Design...go download them- totally cute and free!

March 29, 2011

uploading pictures to blogger tutorial

I've had several people ask: how do you get your pictures bigger when creating a post?  When you are uploading a large photo blogger will automatically make it smaller but there are a couple of ways you can fix this.  This is just ONE way.

First you need to make sure your editor is updated.

To do this click on your "Settings" tab and scroll down until your find "Select Post Editor" ---> Click on "Updated Editor" (see image) ---> Click on "Save Settings".

It's helpful to know what size your main posting area is--this will determine how wide you want to shrink your images down to.  For instance my main posting area is 580px but you have to take into account margins and padding so I shrink all my images down to 550px.  You can use different types of software/programs for resizing your photos.  I use photoshop but you can also use photobucket- which is free.

Click on the picture icon...

Click on "Choose files"...and upload image

Click on "Add Selected" ...(it has a blue box around it)

Now when blogger inserts your image it will appear smaller...

All you need to do is is click on the image and select "original size"...


After...(by choosing "original size)...

I hope that makes sense!  If you have any questions please just leave a comment and let me know!

March 25, 2011

Preppy Pink Crab Outfit

I put together an outfit for a special little girl who has a birthday coming up!

You can make your own tutu via my tutorial HERE.

March 24, 2011

cookies & computers

Our church is hosting a music concert tomorrow night and asked for volunteers to bring cookies for the reception...I whippped up these spring cookies.  I know...they have some mistakes so don't look too close.  I think they're pretty cute aside from the unperfect piping.

Mr. Fed Ex just dropped off my handy dandy Inspiron duo...finally...I ordered it on the 11th. Busy setting it all up. We're not a gadgety family...we still have a tv "with back" no flat screen yet.  Our most techy items are my blackberry and  Hubs and I like to laugh at ourselves.  Anyhoos...this little netbook should be a lot of fun!

March 22, 2011

mini eco

I found Mini Eco a while back via another blog...and just fell in love.  All the crafts and tutorials come from Kate, a stay at home mom living in the UK.  Check out her fun ideas & wonderful photos HERE 

March 21, 2011


finally a finished design I think i'm going to stick with this one for awhile!  :)

It's monday- yah...a new week.  Can you tell I've had my starbucks?

I'm lovin' this song right now (the video is a bit much but her voice is amazing me goosebumps everytime.)

March 19, 2011

sewing projects

Just finished up a marathon of sewing projects...all for a special little girl...

Project #1
Tote Bag
I've made this tote bag soooo many times!  I love it!  Super easy and a great gift idea!
You can find the tutorial HERE. I usually do not make them reversible, but I do put coordinating fabric on the inside and I also added interfacing to the handles to make them sturdier.
 Project #2
Crayon Roll
These things can be a pain in the patoot!  Sometimes it's just easier to leave it to the experts and buy one.  My favorite shop for these is Lil B Designs.  I have purchased from her before and they are awesome!  The party is in about a week or so so I made second.  It turned out pretty good.  This is my favorite tutorial HERE for crayon rolls.  And the pics...

 Project #3
Applique Tees
I purchased my applique templates from Applique Art By Kim by etsykim.  There are a ton to choose from.  The tees turned out okay...the first one I did wrong (the camper trailer)- it still turned out fine but I didn't read the directions closely.  Then I tried stitching around the pieces with my sewing machine- uh...way too hard for me with the curves.  So the second one I did the applique correctly and hand stitched with embroidery thread around the outside of each piece.  More time consuming yes, but better looking in my opinion.

March 16, 2011


I was picking up a few things at the grocery store this morning and this caught my eye...

Well you know I couldn't pass it up...even at $9.99!

Better Homes & Garden did not disappoint...lots of wonderful cupcakes recipes & techniques.  Plus let's be real...the photographs totally make it!

And in honor of St. Patrick's Day...
Shamrock Milk Shake Cupcakes
You can find the recipe HERE.
And one more...
End of the Rainbow Cupcakes 
have you noticed all the rainbow party items all over the web? seems to be the latest trend.)
You can find the recipe HERE.

March 12, 2011


My niece had a b-day the day before mine...she's into music and playing her electric guitar.  I made her these guitar cookies...what do you think?

March 11, 2011

DIY Tutu Tutorial

Tutus are all the rage for parties, dress up and photography props.

As a former boutique owner, I've made my fair share of tutus. Below you will find a tutorial for a hand knotted tutu that I put together for you. I know there are numerous ways to make tutus, this is the way I make mine. They are pretty easy once you get the hang of it!

What You'll Need
Tulle Ribbon (6x25)
1 inch wide elastic
Needle and Thread
Cutting tool/Ruler

Step 1
Measure out the proper amount of elastic needed. The best way to do this is to measure the waist of the tutu recipient. Do not stretch the elastic.

Step 2
Sew the elastic waist ends together, overlapping the ends about 1/2"-1'

Step 3
Decide how long your want the tutu to be. Double the amount and add 2-3 inches.

For example if you wanted a 8 inch tutu you would measure out 16 inches of tulle and add a couple of inches, for a tulle cut of 18 inches.

Step 4
Cut a pile of tulle for the tutu. For this tutu I used about 3 spools of tulle. It just depends on how fluffy you want the tutu and the size of the waist.

Step 5
You will now tie on the tulle to the elastic waist. I use two pieces of tulle at a time. Place the tulle pieces under the elastic.

Tie one simple knot and pull the tulle ends in the direction of the waist band.

Make a second simple knot, pulling the ends as shown in the opposite direction of the waist band.

Push/pull the knot and tulle downwards. The knot should be a schmincy (not a technical term...haha) bit loose, if it's too tight the elastic will not stretch. I do not recommend the "slip knot" method of tying the tulle, it could potentially come loose and fall off.

Step 6
Continue using two pieces of tulle and knot the tulle all the way around the elastic. You can then go in and tie one piece of tulle in between where there are gaps. Remember the tutu can be as fluffy as you want, the more fluff, the more tulle.

Step 7
If desired, add ribbon or embellishments to accent the tutu.

I hope you find this tutorial useful, please let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to post a link if you create a tutu using the tutorial.


Where to get supplies...

You can find elastic at any craft or fabric store.

I have purchased tulle at:

What a WEEK!

Yes I redid the blog a bit...not totally happy with it, but didn't want it looking too boring.  I'm sure it will change again soon but for now it's fine.  I thought I had a set design in my mind last week but then once it was up it didn't have the feeling I was looking for.

It's been quite the week...feeling dizzy all week.  It's really hard since last week I felt really good!  Being dizzy really makes me grumpy- then the hubs put in long hours, and my father in law was hospitalized (he's okay now - no worries), met with an architect then getting ready to go to the bank asking for money...isn't exactly a walk in the park.  Well and today is my birthday...not going to lie...I'm feeling OLD!  They say you're only as old as you feel...yea...feeling ancient!  I think I've mentioned that my hubby is totally awesome?  Well he was going to surprise me with an iPad 2...which come out tonight but he said I could get whatever.  So...since I have a phone that pretty much does everything an iPad does...I'm looking into getting one these...

Cool huh?  You can take out the monitor and use like an e-reader or tablet.  Costco has a good deal on them- cheaper than Dell.

Tonight we're going out to dinner and then maybe some fun activities this weekend.  Kind of hard to really get into it- since Japan is in ruins with that awful earthquake!  Oy vey...just terrible!

Here's me trying to get into the mood...

 Oh yes I'm the BIG 35 !! officially in my mid 30's double blech!

By the way I won that character drawing in a giveaway from Maree Truelove- I've used her graphics before- they're great!

Anyhoo...have a great weekend!!  Party on!

March 9, 2011

let's not be pretentious

Drastic times call for drastic measures...when you are hankering for cuppy cake...and don't want to go through the hassle of baking from scratch- Duncan Hines can be your best friend.  For the longest time we didn't have any stores that carried Red Velvet...but alas someone must have complained because now we do!  I'm not claiming to be the complainer either so don't look at me!

I've seen a lot of people bake their cupcakes in the cute little white cups I thought I would give them a try.
They are cute in the white cups...but they are a pain to get out!  No one ever says that...the cups are stiff so it doesn't peel away like the traditional cupcake wrapper.  You kind of have to push the cupcake up from the bottom like a push pop.  That could be seriously hazardous at a kids party!  Beware!  Or I guess you could cut them down the side...which would be messy as well.  Anyhoo- I got my red velvet fix!

a simple patch

I'm not claiming to be any sort of sewing expert proceed with caution.  :)

If you have children- holey jeans are inevitable...exhibit A...
I remember my mom patching our jeans when we were young- those rounded rectangle patches- remember those?  I'm sure you can still buy them at certain one stop shopping stores.  I thought I would try my hand at making a patch.  It was probably more labor intensive then necessary- but I'm willing to try most things at least once.

I trimmed all the scraggly pieces off around the hole.  I cut out a simple shape- a car with tires.  I used a fusable interfacing to adhere the tires onto the car body.
I used the fusable interfacing again and placed a piece of the blue fabric under the hole and ironed it.  Then just used a basic stitch to close the hole (don't you love my technical terms?).
Using the interfacing again- I ironed on the patch.  You can see the seam a bit under the patch- but I knew my son wouldn't care and at this point the whole process is all ready taking way too long so I didn't care either.
I used matching embroidery thread to hand stitch around the whole thing.  I did wash them- and there was a smidgy bit of fraying but I like to think it adds to the "charm"...and my son was it's all good!
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