February 12, 2011

Valentine Playdate/Party

My bff and her kiddos (the little bff's) came over today for a playdate/party.  I wanted to make it super fun for the kids so we decorated valentine cookies, played a few games and ate lots and lots of snacks.  Here are a few pictures...

 One thing that I learned from years of teaching preschool and hosting parties was to give each child their own sprinkles and frosting.  You know there is going to be lots of finger licking and "taste testing" --this way keeps germs  somewhat in check.  Cookies bags for the ride home...and lots of favors.  It's not a TRUE party without some fun favors to take with you!

I thought it was funny to see the different styles of decorating...
While the two babies didn't get to decorate they each got their own special age appropriate party favor and lots of snacks to munch on.  

Oh yes, I did have some healthy options...and yes those are our hidious blue counter tops.  We'll probably be upgrading to a bigger house within the next year or so...I just have to suck it up and try not cringe when I see them in pictures!

And in the interest of full disclosure...check out my mess of a craft table -- this is just one...I have no desire to clean it right now...so there ya go...

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