February 7, 2011

My Main {{Squeeze}}

Tomorrow is the Hubs birthday.  This past weekend I surprised him with a get together at our favorite local Mexican restaurant.  I've never really surprised him with a birthday party and while it was low key I swear he figured it out...but he didn't!  I had Jess from PBD design an invitation for the event...

My parents even drove an hour up to watch Munchkin Pants for us.  All evening (before the party) the Hubs was so confused and getting anxious about our "date night"...he doesn't like to be surprised--oh well!  lol  I also made some cookies...now don't laugh!  It was my first time drawing on cookies (you think I would have done something easier!).  The cookies were so yummy!!  I've done a lot of research on cookie decorating/supplies/techniques/recipes etc.  He did see the first part of the cookie process but after I decorated them...I drove them over to my friends house before he could see the finished favor.

We arrived at the restaurant and everyone was there...he was really surprised!  YAH!  We had a great evening with lots of laughing, eating/drinking and celebrating!

Mushy part ahead...read on at your own risk...

10 reasons (in no particular order...and there are more reasons...but I don't want to get too long winded) why I'm so lucky to have this wonderful man in my life!
  1. He tells me I'm beautiful...even when I look like I've been run over by a bus.
  2. He's works hard (many late hours) to provide for his family.
  3. He's sooooo funny!  Five years later he still cracks me up...like belly laugh crack up.
  4. He's HOT!  Currently he's rockin' some sexy chops...think Hugh Jackman "Wolverine" minus the claws.
  5. He's super smart...probably the smartest guy I know...not just saying that either.  He knows a lot about a lot of things.
  6. He's an awesome Dad to our Munchkin Pants.
  7. I took over his office...now it's my Mom Cave...and he's okay with that.  He's supportive of everything I do--whether it's crafts, projects, working- not working, making money-not making money...just as long as I'm happy.  How cool is that?
  8. He's calm, cool and collected ... when I'm not.
  9. He has a strong faith/relationship with the Lord.  (Now I know this under the "hot" comment...but remember- no particular order)
  10. He's my best friend.
Love you honey...Happy Birthday!  (by the way...he doesn't read my blog...so I'm not trying to score brownie points)

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