February 7, 2011

Felt Fortune Cookies

Super easy and inexpensive felt fortune cookies...via Martha Stewart

You'll need:
  • felt
  • florist wire
  • glue
  • paper strips for the fortune
  • candy
  • ribbon
  • wire cutters
1. Cut the felt in a circle (about 4 1/2 inches across).
2. Cut a piece of ribbon (just a smidgy shorter) and a piece of wire a bit shorter than the ribbon.
3. Glue the wire down the middle of the circle (the original instructions said craft glue, but I just used hot glue, much faster).
4. Glue ribbon on top of wire (don't burn fingers if using hot glue!).
5. Write on your strip of paper and place inside with a few pieces of candy.

Fold your felt fortune cookie and you're done! These would be perfect for loved ones, teacher gifts, hostess gifts, you name it! Thanks Martha (and your staff of hundreds...possibly thousands).

Serve up in a take out box...so cute.

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