January 19, 2011

{Phoenix} Cupcake Tour

Okay if you didn't know...I have a small obsession with cupcakes.  I knew I wanted to head to Sprinkles but then we got the idea to go on a Cupcake Tour!  A few places were closed since it was a Monday and MLK Jr. Day but we did manage to drag ourselves to four shops.  Here are a few pictures and my thoughts on each...

Cupcake Shop #1 Sprinkles
I was so excited to check out Sprinkles, they are hailed as the "the original cupcake bakery".  Hmmm...is that true?  I don't know, it sounds cool though.

 We got their early (they open at 9am).  The gals behind the counter were very nice and let me snap as many pictures as I wanted.  We chose a Red Velvet (my favorite) and the Black & White.  Oh my they were sooo good!  The perfect frosting to cake ratio.  Nothing negative to say about these cupcakes.

Oh one thing...I'm not sure what the little star topper was made out of- but it was nasty! yuck! So I guess that's a negative comment.

Bought a shirt-- paid way too much but it's a nice souvenir.

Cupcake Shop #2 Cup Cakes
Not impressed at all with this shop!!!  I guess they have been on Cupcake Wars because they had their display in the shop, you can kind of see it in the 2nd picture on the left.  The shop was very sparse and honestly when I got a look at the cupcakes behind the glass I didn't even want to pick one.  I've never seen such awful looking cupcakes.  It was like luster dust (or whatever that shimmery stuff is they put on cupcakes/cakes) exploded all over the cupcakes.  And sorry but just because a cupcake is shiny doesn't mean it looks good!  We decided to split a chocolate/peanut butter cupcakes (because it looked the best out all of them).

The frosting was dense and there was way too much on the cupcake.  The cake part was okay, but not excellent.  Other than that there's not much more to say about this place.  Not a fan!

Cupcake Shop #3 Tammie Coe Cakes
This shop was more of a sweets bakery, so they had cakes, breads, pastries, etc.
I chose  a mini cupcake (honestly the larger ones did not look so good), Coconut.  The cupcake while yummy was cold and hard...hard because it was cold.  Not a big fan of cold cupcakes, they should be served at room temp. 

Cupcake Shop #4 Sweet Daddy Cupcakes
What was cool about this shop was the cupcakes were a larger size than the standard cupcake size so you felt like you were getting more for your money.  The guys behind the counter were pretty funny, they are actually going to be on Cupcake Wars soon so I'll be curious to see that!

 We took home (on sugar high at this point) a Carrot Cake and Smores cupcake.  They were both very good...didn't care for the Smores as much as the Carrot--very moist and tasty frosting.

So that ends the tour...it was a lot of fun and when we told the cupcake shops we were on a tour, they got a kick out of it.  I would have to say the Sprinkles were the best - with Sweet Daddy a close second.

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