January 19, 2011

High Tea at The Biltmore Resort

So excited to check out the swanky Biltmore Resort/Hotel.  We made reservations for High Tea and it was so much fun.  Our host was very enthusiastic (to say the least) and was more then helpful in suggesting certain teas...he took his job very seriously.  :) 

We were served three courses, everything was delicious.  It took about three hours, but it was all worth it!!  It seems like no matter how fancy dancy I try to be I end spilling something on myself.  At least it was just water!

We walked around the grounds after the tea, the property is just beautiful.  Will definitely look into staying here in the future.

Orange trees!

Oh and lookie what I found in the gift shop.  My favorite cupcaker's bath bombs (Feeling Smitten) in THREE locations in the shop!  So fun!

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