January 12, 2011


I only have one kiddo and I always like to make his birthdays extra special. And yes I plan WAY in advance...that's how I am...annoying? Probably...but I know I'm not the only one so I take comfort in that.

Last year we had a carnival theme and this year I was really looking for something more original and unique. I had my mind set on a Camp Out theme...tents, campfire, scavenger hunt, smores favors in little cute boxes... I mentioned it my 4 year old. He wanted none of it! Darn it!! I asked him what he wanted then and well...Super Heroes it is. *sigh* At least it's not Chuck E. Cheese right?

Super Heroes it is...trying to avoid the commercialized ones and stick with this little guy above.  Isn't he cute...that's D-Man but he's cuter in "real life".  We'll have fun with it...capes, city scape pictures, games, each guest in a costume??  Yea...we'll have a blast!  And planning has officially begun!!  WELL after I get back from Arizona- I leave tomorrow.  Viva Las Arizona!

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