January 19, 2011

Back to a Rude Awakening...

Back from Arizona...I all ready miss the sun!  The weather was SO BEAUTIFUL.  Came home to clouds and rain- boohooo!

I had a total blast with my BFF.  I encourage all you moms to get some mommy time if you can.  It really does give you time to relax, refresh and rejuvenate!

We spent our time shopping, went to see Black Swan (have you seen this movie?  tell me what you think!), we went to tea at the Biltmore, went on a cupcake tour, lots of eating out with friends, and just hung out laughing & reminiscing and watching Twilight Saga movies.

I'm going to post the tea and cupcake tour photos in separate posts.

Here are a few pics of my friend's backyard.  Coming from a place that is all green it's always a shock when I visit Arizona...it's pretty flat and tan...lol.  Beautiful in it's own way- definitely different from Seattle.

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