December 29, 2010

Thanks Santa

This year Santa was so good to Mamma!!

Not only did I get two Jo Totes and a trip to Arizona...but surprise a new crackberry!!  Costco was having a killer deal so I upgraded to a Blackberry Curve 3G.  I really heart Costco, I've never had a bad experience there - online or in store. 

Oh and just for fun...since I love to bake my MIL bought my son an Easy Bake for Christmas so we can bake together.  Isn't it cool and retro-y??  It's a shame the cakes don't taste any better...our first cake didn't turn out so well.  I always wanted one when I was little...but maybe my parents were smarter then I gave them credit for.  We're not giving up on our Easy Bake, hopefully our next baking experiences will be better.

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